Car Detailing Northwich

The days of standard paste wax are over. The era of Ceramic Pro nano-ceramic compound is here. Ceramic Pro is the result of years of research and development encompassing the space, marine and auto industries and represents a quantum leap in protection against oxidation, corrosion and UV damage. Where Carnauba wax fails Ceramic Pro delivers. When chemical pollutants and acid rain assault, Ceramic Pro repels them with the most comprehensive protective shield available today.

Premium Ceramic Coating

At Ceramic Pro Manchester we offer the full line of Ceramic Pro premium car care products for interior and exterior protection. We’re the only approved applicator of Ceramic Pro coatings in the North West of England and strive to earn that distinction every day with every client. When you entrust your car to the detailing experts at Ceramic Pro Manchester you’re making an investment in its future. You’re saying you care about the well-being of your fine automobile and you care about the way you look when you drive it.

Unparalleled Service

The artisans we employ at Ceramic Pro Manchester are selected by us for their patience, their keen eye and their experience with new car detailing, paint correction and other aspects of the detailer’s craft. As such no detail is overlooked whether under the seats, in the most remote corners of the grille or along the fold of the bonnet. To say they obsess over the little things doesn’t adequately express their level of dedication to doing the job right.

Peerless Protection

Ceramic Pro coatings represent the state of the detailer’s art for luxurious, high performance cars in Cheshire, Warrington, Northwich, Alderley Edge, Lymm and throughout the North West of England. This peerless new car protection is only available, however, through Ceramic Pro Manchester. So don’t delay. Bring your luxury auto in today for the type of car detailing it deserves.